Why Should You Hire Live AZ DJ?
We are a young, professional, customer service oriented company. Our Dj’s will personally contact you and work with you throughout the planning stages of your party/event. Our DJs have experience and always have fun performing for your party. The best part is that everybody benefits from the added excitement and fun!

What Type of music does my DJ play?
Whatever you want! We have over 30,000 songs, remixes, and extended versions of songs. You name it, most likely we have it. We are constantly updating our music library as-well, and we have all of the latest hits usually a month or two before they hit the radio.

Should I Sign An Agreement or a Contract?
Yes! The Contract is made to protect you and the company. Most companies have insurance on their equipment, so don’t worry about extra fees that might occur like with some companies. Always look though your contract before you sign it, and make sure it’s not overly confusing, if you have any questions, make sure both parties are clear on the terms.


Does Live AZ DJ charge extra for gas?
Not unless it’s outside the area of Phoenix..

Does the DJ charge extra for setup/teardown time?
No! We our DJ’s always come a little bit earlier and stay a little bit later. So if you pay for 5 hours of dancing, you will get 5 hours of dancing!
Would The DJ stay longer if asked?
We’d be happy to.


What Kind of Equipment Do Your DJs Use?
We only use professional grade equipment, and not consumer brands. Brand names include Peavy, Pioneer, Ecler, and Numark.

Our Standard System includes:

  • 2 JBL Speakers(With Stands & Amp)
  • High Grade Mixer and CD Players
  • Wireless Sennheiser Microphones
  • Laptop With Over 30k Songs
What Kind of lights do you guys have?
Our Standard lights are all LED and by Chauvet.
They produce no heat, and use very little power consumption.